Multimedia Solutions Launches Innovative AI Chatbot Solution for Lowenstein Sandler

(June 3, 2024) Multimedia Solutions, a leader in digital marketing and website development, is proud to announce the successful launch of Lowenstein Sandler’s new AI Chatbot, a custom-built artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to enhance the user experience for visitors to the firm’s website. This collaboration marks the first time an Am Law firm has developed an external online tool specifically designed to leverage AI for improved user interaction.


The chatbot, which utilizes advanced natural language models, allows website visitors to find targeted answers and connect with specific attorneys quickly and efficiently. As a part of this innovative project, Multimedia Solutions integrated an AI-powered chatbot platform and  closely analyzed user inputs through prompt engineering testing and assessed the chatbot’s responses in order to refine the answers delivered by the artificial intelligence tool. Prior to go live, adjustments were made to advance the chatbot’s knowledge base, personality and overall tone.


Kevin Iredell, Chief Marketing Officer at Lowenstein Sandler and President of the Legal Marketing Association, expressed his gratitude for the successful launch of the chatbot, stating, "A huge thank you for all your work on getting this live. As usual, our partnership with the Multimedia Solutions team has helped set us apart from our competition and provide tangible value to our website visitors and clients.”


"Developing the AI-powered chatbot for Lowenstein Sandler represents a transformative moment for Multimedia Solutions as we continue to evolve our services to include cutting-edge AI tools in the digital experiences we create. We're proud to have partnered with Lowenstein Sandler to make them the first in the legal industry to launch an external online tool leveraging generative AI for a better user experience. This collaboration underscores our commitment to innovation and our ability to drive impactful, industry-leading solutions," said Steven M. Zaleon, CEO and Co-Founder of Multimedia Solutions.


The Lowenstein AI Chatbot is intended to provide streamlined access to information on Lowenstein's website and is not meant to be a substitute for professional or legal advice. To explore Lowenstein's new AI Chatbot, please visit:



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