Create a 360 degree view of the enterprise

Web applications today do not exist in a silo and need a plethora of external input to provide or augment core functionality. Most of the web applications that we create have some form of integration with an enterprise application through web services or legacy API’s. Where these programs already exist, the process is sometimes realized by using middleware, either packaged by a vendor or written on a custom basis.



From our 25 years of experience integrating applications across the enterprise, we have amassed a substantial body of knowledge on best practices. Our legacy, knowledge and technology agnostic approach in the digital space ensures that we will be able to help you move quickly and break down organizational and data silos in the interest of creating a 360 degree vision. 


Early on we were focused on small scale data marts (DM) which then grew into data warehousing (DW) which then allowed us to branch into business intelligence (BI) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) projects. With this knowledge and experience we have helped numerous enterprises address the challenge of unlocking the enterprise data resources that enable insight into competition, market dynamics, customers, products and operations. 



  • Integration brokerage and consulting services
  • IS organization audit
  • API integration
  • Data warehousing
  • Business intelligence collection / dashboards 

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