We are a digital first company. Founded in 1992, Multimedia Solutions provides Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions to leading companies throughout a variety of industries.

As a self-financed and debt free digital services company, we have successfully grown organically at a healthy pace. The result is that we are solidly positioned to invest in our future.


Technology evolves and transforms. We have witnessed, analyzed, and embraced the digital evolution of platforms and formats to create Customer-Facing Solutions for our clients. Recognized by blue-chip leaders as a company that provides outstanding analytical and innovative thinking, we have consistently succeeded at surpassing our clients' highest expectations.


Our superb group of professionals know how to deliver real value to our clients because of their expertise in advanced business analysis, financial modeling, user-centered design, brand management, application development, systems integration, mobile development, and digital marketing. We constantly strive to raise the bar of excellence because we know how to effectively take a front-end or back-end project from inception to completion on time and within budget.


Our platform agnostic approach in creating proven interactive solutions for prestigious clients has made it easy for them to continually do business with us. The result can be measured by the premier companies we have serviced and the testimonials we have received from our enthusiastically satisfied clients.


With 31 years of experience, our financial success and proven reputation have propelled us to harness the rapidly-evolving digital ecosystem.