Great websites, like great brands, should evoke an emotional response

For over 28 years, we have created a wealth of websites for our clients. Not only do we excel aesthetically and often with compelling animation, but we also understand the importance of usability.


Creating the right user experience is at the core of every website we create. Superior user experience (UX) design encompasses creative excellence, stellar brand articulation, an energized content presentation strategy and strategic placement of compelling calls-to-action.


With our web design services, we work collaboratively to properly articulate your brand promise and push the limits of the brand with out of the box thinking. We run through multiple design concepts with your team, exploring a range of ideas and approaches as we work together to refine the design toward an agreed upon look and feel.



Great websites, like great brands, should evoke an emotional response.  In order to drive brand articulation through user experience design, Multimedia Solutions conducts a thorough brand definition study (to understand the brand promise), performs a competitive audit (to understand how to differentiate the brand), and defines user-based task requirements (to understand how to service user groups individually). Using wireframes created through our information architecture process, we run an iterative process to create exceptional web design layouts.


While our design approach appropriately varies greatly within the categories of marketing sites, mobile apps, presentation modules, customer portals and intranets – each approach focuses on the means to optimize distribution of attention, flow of control, task dependencies and even cultural or regional differences for global applications.



  • Usability analysis and consulting
  • Storyboarding
  • Information architecture
  • Website design & development


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