Accounting / Advisory Firm Berdon Unveils Cutting-Edge Website, Mobile Site with Multimedia Solutions

(Edgewater, NJ | April 23, 2014): Accounting and advisory firm Berdon LLP unveiled its new website,, that utilizes cutting-edge design and technology to deliver information to its site visitors, as well as a new mobile site. The new site comes on the heels of a total rebrand by the Firm, which introduces a new look emphasizing the “DO” aspect of the Firm’s name, a new tagline, “Listen. Solve. Do. ” as well as a total office renovation.


Multiple features make a distinctive site:


  • It is client-centric and content-driven. The premiere focus of the site is on the delivery of meaningful content to the reader. “This site is not an all-about-us site,” said Kayte Steinert-Threlkeld, Berdon’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We stepped into the visitor’s shoes and said what will the visitor want to know when he/she visits this site? How can we best deliver that information?” To that end, the site features five timely rotating articles on the home page as well as articles specific to each industry or service on specific landing pages.


  • The partner and principal profiles, while including their biographies, also bring the visitor to all industries, services, articles, publications, or presentations involving that partner/principal. The site visitor will get a very rich look at the expertise offered by each advisor.


“We are delighted by the look and functionality that this site delivers to our visitors,” said Managing Partner Mark Bosswick, CPA, J.D., LL.M. “Our website has always played an important role in bringing new relationships to the firm, and we expect that activity only to be enhanced by the new site. Our goal is to heighten the visitor’s experience to the office as well. We are excited to have visitors see our renovated space.”


Other items of note regarding


  • With the use of the MyDocs button, visitors can place articles of interest, brochures and videos in a cart and then email that information to the intended reader at no charge. The MyDocs feature replicates the shopping cart feature on commercial sites.


  • Visitors can choose from 1 of 5 featured articles on the homepage. The articles will rotate every :30 or with a click of one of the five buttons in this square.


  • Five articles will be highlighted under latest news on the home page, which can be accessed with a simple click.


  • Two valuable resource tools, The Year-End Tax Planner and the Estate and Planning Guide, are real-time tools, which mean they are automatically updated in case of regulatory changes.


Designed by Multimedia Solutions of Edgewater, NJ, the site design utilizes the large buttons commonly used on smart phones and works across multiple platforms, whether a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.


“Berdon has every reason to be proud of this site,” said Ed Moskowitz, Vice President, Multimedia Solutions. “The Firm was not afraid to go into uncharted waters in order to deliver a meaningful experience to site visitors.”





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