Multimedia Solutions Enhances CentraState Healthcare System's Physician Finder Module, Elevating the User Experience for Website Visitors

(February 29, 2024): As the trusted partner responsible for designing and developing CentraState Healthcare System's existing website, Multimedia Solutions, a leading digital consultancy, has extended its expertise to enhance the organization's Physician Finder module. Aligned with CentraState's commitment to being a world-class, patient-focused healthcare network, the vision involved creating a more streamlined and personalized approach for users to find physicians.


The enhanced Physician Finder introduces a range of new features designed to optimize users' search experience for healthcare professionals. In addition to being able to filter searches for doctors by language and gender, users have the ability to select multiple specialties at once. They can also benefit from an advanced zip code radius filter, which allows users to locate physicians near a specific geographic area. 


Beyond these improvements, physicians' profiles now feature expanded bios, showcasing both their clinical areas of interest and educational backgrounds along with any associated blog articles they are featured in. This comprehensive approach equips users with valuable insights into the expertise and contributions of the healthcare professionals they are considering. With this information readily available at their fingertips, users can navigate the complex world of healthcare with confidence, making well-informed decisions tailored to their specific needs and preferences.


To check out the enhanced Physician Finder, please visit:



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