ED&F Man Capital Markets Re-Engages Multimedia Solutions To Enhance & Further Expand Large Scale Client Portal Application

(September 30, 2022): ED&F Man Capital Markets re-engages Multimedia Solutions for Phase II development of its MSC powered Client Portal application. These “Phase II” enhancements include the integration of more real-time data feeds, expanded client reporting workspaces, client statement processing and a large variety of new features, functions and enhancements.


The Client Portal, now in its third year of live operation, collects financial, market and transactional data feeds from a large set of third-party data providers and seamlessly integrates all the data into a centralized set of reporting dashboards. The Phase II expansion of the ED&F Client Portal application is demonstrative of the sites adoption success to date and ED&F Man’s commitment to its growth and evolution to better serve the informational needs of its clientele, consisting largely of portfolio managers and brokerages. The enterprise application has been developed in stages and will ultimately culminate into both a web and mobile app-based solution.


To learn more about ED&F Man Capital Markets, please visit: https://www.edfmancapital.com



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