Argix Logistics Hires Multimedia Solutions for Digital Marketing Campaign Management Services Focused On Lead Generation

(Edgewater, NJ | March 30, 2015): Argix Logistics, an expert logistics solution provider specializing in B2B and B2C distribution, has partnered with Multimedia Solutions for digital campaigning services in order to help broaden the reach of the Argix Logistics brand and generate new lead opportunities.


Following new demands and supply chain issues within the logistics industry, the campaign will focus on targeted messaging to key logistic executives through a multi-channel touch-point strategy. The objective of the campaign will be to grow awareness and demand for Argix’s services as a distribution solution to supply chain bottlenecks. Tactics include the design and development of mobile responsive campaign landing pages, social media outreach, banner placement, email marketing and strategic media buy placement.


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With over 32 years of experience servicing long-term customers, Argix Logistics is an expert logistics solution provider and offers a national delivery network specializing in B2B and B2C distribution. Argix Logistics offers a comprehensive selection of Transportation, Distribution, and Supply Chain Management services in order to tailor a logistics solution designed for each client’s unique business model. . Dozens of industry leading brands have depended on Argix Logistics for flexible and reliable service, including brands such as Ann Taylor, AmScan, Barnes & Nobles, Coach, L’Occitane, and L’Oreal.