Multimedia Solutions Launches Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Framework for Manasquan Bank as a Part of a Holistic Marketing Approach

(September 27, 2022): Multimedia Solutions is please to announce the final rollout of Manasquan Bank’s Digital Experience Platform – an integrated framework designed to enable the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences across multi-channel and multi-experience client journeys. By integrating the website experience, website hosting, SEO, email marketing, digital campaigning and analytics collection into a unified platform, Manasquan Bank can now look at digital marketing performance and related insights as whole across channels.


At the heart of the DXP framework is Manasquan Bank’ new Compass Profile, a robust financial tool that allows site visitors to create a custom banking experience that matches users to the right financial solutions based on their life stage and current needs in under 2 minutes. Completion of the profile not only creates a personalized web experience, but also matches users to personalized content and marketing promotions as a part of ongoing outreach initiatives.


As a part of the DXP rollout, Multimedia Solutions has also implemented a comprehensive lead tracking module that allows Manasquan Bank to identify a new client’s initial touchpoint with the bank and track their journey from inception to account opening to ensure a seamless client experience, while also focusing on increased ROI across bank initiatives.


“The DXP framework is key to supporting Manasquan Bank’s goal to become a data-driven bank” said Steven M. Zaleon, CEO of Multimedia Solutions. “Our DXP solution further enables the bank to not only learn more about its client base but to also provide the right offer at the right time based on their habits and life stage.”


To learn more about Manasquan Bank and experience the Compass Profile, please visit



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