Sealed Air Corporation Hires Multimedia Solutions to Design and Develop New Corporate Marketing Portal Website

(Edgewater, NJ): Sealed Air Corporation, the makers of Bubble Wrap, InstaPak, Cryovac and other leading protective packaging brands, has hired Multimedia Solutions to design and develop its new corporate marketing portal site, encompassing a new corporate marketing website along with new regional global websites (North America, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific).


In addition to the integration of the corporate and regional sites into a portal infrastructure, the new sites will be deployed with the ability to present service offering content in a manner sensitive to regional differences throughout the globe while supporting the rendering of content in 13 languages. The new portal site will dramatically improve corporate image positioning and information servicing while significantly reducing internal site maintenance and servicing costs.



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Founded in 1960, Sealed Air is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of a wide range of protective packaging and performance-based materials essential to many consumer and industrial markets. Operating in 51 countries, we combine a unique consultative sales expertise with our global network of science and innovation to demonstrate how better packaging makes the world a better place. Sealed Air is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of fresh food, protective and specialty packaging products. Reaching nearly 80 percent of the world's population, many Sealed Air brands are among the most respected names in their markets. Our products protect and preserve our customers' products from the plant or warehouse through the rigors of the distribution chain. Many Sealed Air products also provide an appealing merchandising presence for retail display. For additional information on Sealed Air, visit their website at