Kearny Bank

Dear Steve,

Congratulations on the achievement of this well-deserved milestone anniversary!

It comes as no surprise that both you and Yu-ying, along with your well amassed MSC team, have accomplished so much good during your first 25 years of business. It is a pleasure and privilege to partner with you, Ed, Zyanya and Shruthi to meet what has become our now blended common goal. A goal of not only growing the Kearny Bank brand, but increasing leads across multiple lines of business through digital channels. 

As you have come to realize, industry partners who are passionate about their niche roles and patient about their execution of deliverables, are most favored by me, Janet and our small marketing team.  By way of example, MSC manages to demystify the seemingly complex digital marketing opportunities available to us and for that we are thankful. There is never a doubt that perfection is an underlying rule, as evidenced by strategy sessions, planning, creative asset testing and the final execution of campaigns. For this too, we are thankful. 

It obviously has taken 25 years for you to reach this pioneering occasion and a mere 2.5 years for me to finally recognize that which has been evident all along. It’s comforting to know that the “For Today” is taken care of relative to our digital marketing needs and certainly look forward for the same to be true “For Tomorrow”. Stay humble and never forget that your greatest asset lies in your great people. To another 25 good years!!! 

Best regards,

Eric L. Kesselman
First Vice President
Kearny Bank