Larken Associates

On behalf of all of us at Larken Associates, I would like to thank you, Zyanya and Naresh for the outstanding work on the redevelopment of the Larken Associates website. After 6 years, our previous website needed a major overhaul to remain relevant with ever changing technological advances.  Our main focus was to change our website from a purely informational one, to one that was service oriented to meet the growing demands of our customers. 

Multimedia Solutions knew exactly what to do to compete in our highly competitive market by improving the site's navigation, optimization, content presentation and most importantly mobile device accessibility. Your team met the challenge and delivered on the high-level description of the project scope and ensuring the development and deployment of the site. 

During the project's duration, I was impressed by the professionalism, high standards and efficiency from your creative team, technical directors and digital marketing campaign managers. It was critical that we partnered with a team that had the resources to meet all of our expectations, and certainly MMS did that.

Larken Associates looks forward to continuing our relationship through many future projects ahead.  Thank you once again for a job well done. 

Melissa Nascimento
Creative / Marketing Director
Larken Associates