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In order to help Becton Dickinson, a leading medical technology provider, live up to its brand promise, “Helping all people live healthy lives,” Multimedia Solutions overhauled BD’s web infrastructure to better reflect the magnitude of the company’s global reach. Deployed globally across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia, it was important showcase tailored content specific to each user’s location. Surfacing images across BD’s global initiatives, the redesigned site acknowledges both regional and cultural differences, addressing the need for BD to stay relevant in several markets across the globe. As a part of the redesign, the site has been made available in more than 10 international languages.

The Situation:

The digital asset base of Becton Dickinson, a leading global medical technology company operating in over 50 countries worldwide, consisted of multiple and disparate instances of the corporate communications portal (with over 12 regional instances) and business unit websites (BD Medical, BD Diagnostics and BD Biosciences), each with multiple regional instances. Over the years, the web assets collectively grew to tens of thousands of pages of content – many outdated, significant replication, and vast brand identity violations at the content presentation level. The user experience was greatly impaired by BD’s growing inability to manage and maintain content as a whole.


The Approach:

Multimedia Solutions led a series of collaborative workshops with key stakeholders from each of the global regional offices along with key members of each of the associated business units to identify key needs and objectives as well as developing an inventory of all content assets. From this, we created focused workshops with corporate marketing and IT leaders to envelop in the overarching and strategic governing goals. Next, after a detailed review of workshop findings along with current (and planned) content structures, our information architecture team began the process of site restructuring and content reorganization.


The Results:

As a result of close collaboration, we achieved exceptional creative execution, massive streamlining of BD’s existing content base, as well as governing style guide parameters to ensure brand compliance. We also achieved content management efficiencies implemented through Tridion’s CMS site structure and template organization, allowing for intuitive and extremely user-efficient admin controls.

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