Multimedia Solutions Launches Second Generation Website for Northfield Bank

(October 1, 2023): Multimedia Solutions, a leading digital consultancy, is thrilled to announce the successful launch of Northfield Bank's new website. The revamped website showcases the second generation of our partnership with Northfield Bank, reflecting our shared commitment to digital innovation and superior customer service.


Northfield Bank, a renowned full-service community bank with branch locations in New York and New Jersey, has always stood as a paragon of trust, respect, and excellence since its founding in 1887. The bank's dedication to its customers and the communities it serves remains unwavering, and this mission served as the guiding principle for our collaborative endeavor.


"The launch of Northfield Bank's second-generation website marks a significant milestone in our partnership," says Steven M. Zaleon, CEO at Multimedia Solutions. "We are immensely proud to have worked alongside Northfield Bank in shaping this digital transformation. The new website is a testament to our collective commitment to innovation and our shared core values of trust, respect, and excellence."

The upgraded website boasts enhanced features and an intuitive interface, showcasing the bank's continued commitment to providing innovative products and exceptional customer service. It is designed to offer a seamless user experience, reflecting Northfield Bank's dedication to evolving with the times while preserving its locally grown identity.


The website's backbone is an upgraded Content Management System (CMS), allowing for efficient content updates and ensuring a dynamic online presence for Northfield Bank. The website offers valuable resources to individuals and businesses alike, demonstrating the bank's dedication to its role as the financial institution of choice in the region.


The partnership between Multimedia Solutions and Northfield Bank continues to evolve and thrive, strengthening the bank's digital presence and ensuring a seamless experience for its customers. To check out the newly launched site, please visit:



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