The future of your website means choosing the right CMS

The ability to easily and economically keep website content current and more effectively serve the needs of your target audience necessitates the right approach to content management. As such, content management systems are plentiful and vary greatly in cost, features and complexity.


Multimedia Solutions offers a full spectrum of content management system options  starting from simple WYSIWYG (“what-you-see-is-what-you-get”) content editors for basic content management to platforms offering sophisticated multi-site management, automated workflows and decentralized publishing capabilities. Our content management system offerings include the ability to manage not only the website, but also mobile apps, portals, social media sites, communities and digital campaigning assets. We are focused on a "create once, publish many" approach to help streamline the effort and resources needed in content administration. 



As a technology agnostic provider, we work with you to identify the right CMS for your business.  As a part of our selection process, we consider factors such as ease of use and flexibility.  We can help you weigh the pros and cons of an open source vs a propriety CMS.  We also incorporate a skills assessment of your team so that we can ensure you are fully equipped to keep the CMS moving forward.  Bottom line, we're focused on finding the right solution and are well versed in a variety of technologies and systems.



  • CMS needs analysis
  • Buy vs. build study
  • CMS selection, planning and implementation
  • CMS hosting and ongoing content management services

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