Thought leadership content reimagined — engaging. mobile. interactive.

Thought leadership is a pinnacle many corporations seek to achieve but few ever do. Extensive research followed by data mining, content creation, and visual design can be an exhausting process taking months.  


However, gone are the days of long, boring whitepapers, reports, and research papers.  At Multimedia Solutions, we’ve pioneered a “Content 2.0” approach to content curation. Rather than simply broadcasting your content, Content 2.0 breaks content into interactive, easily-digestible “thought nuggets” — optimized for mobile consumption — so that you can engage your target audience no matter how they choose to connect with you. 



At Multimedia Solutions, we are uniquely equipped to handle every component of a successful thought leadership marketing campaign. Our skills in researching, data analysis, copywriting, visual design, and video production enable us to develop original, authoritative content. We then package that content in a Content 2.0 structure and amplify for maximize exposure.



  •   Content research, copywriting, and visual desigm
  •   Content visualization
  •   Mobile and social optimization
  •   Content repurposing
  •   Interactive design
  •   Syndication, promotion, and amplification

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